Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) is the process of forecasting and creating work patterns using available resources in order to produce an optimized staff schedule. The benefits of WFM include lower running costs, smarter business forecasting, and improved overall efficiency.

The evolution of WFM from a premise-based to a cloud-based service has lowered entry costs and simplified solution deployment so that WFM’s time management improvements are now available to organizations in a wide variety of industry verticals and by organization size.

Designed and built by a team of workforce management professionals, our Walrus WFM service concentrates the fundamentals of Workforce Management into an intuitive interface easy enough for first time users and familiar to seasoned professionals. Low impact, low risk, and zero setup cost makes the platform ideal for organizations seeking a rapid turnaround in staff performance and costs.

Blackbird’s WFM Reseller Program enables our qualified, strategic partners to resell subscription to our cloud-based workforce management service directly to their end customers. Our partners may resell our Blackbird-branded Walrus WFM service, or a fully white labeled version under their own brand name.


Comprehensive workforce management solutions.

Key Benefits

Dynamically manage your staffing requirements.

Sales Documentation

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Reseller Advantage

Blackbird’s WFM service and reseller program are designed to add value to your business offerings and your customers via: